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A Russian version of tiger stripe pattern was introduced circa 1993 in both a green and a blue (urban) colorway. Referred to in some period literature as the Piatnisto-fioletovoe obmundirovanie (spotted violet uniform) or PFO, the two designs are more commonly referred to as Kamush (Cane), or as Tigr (tiger) and Тень (Ten) (shadow). The patterns were initially only worn by MVD OSN (Vitiaz) and OMON, but use has spread to a variety of special units of the MVD. Indeed, the tiger patterns have continued to 





be worn by Russian forces into the present period, making them one of the longest-lived MVD camouflage designs. Some variations in coloration have been documented, depending on the fabric and manufacturer. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del, MVD) issues regular army uniforms to its Internal Troops (Vnutrenniye Voiska Ministerstva Vnutrennikh Del, VV MVD) and special operations units. The latest camouflage pattern to be issued to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was Flora, which is very effective in central Russia. Unfortunately, a camouflage pattern that works well in the fields near Moscow isn't necessarily suitable to all of the diverse environments, in which the VV MVD and other Russian special forces are required to operate. For this reason most special operations units supplement their issue uniforms with commercially produced camouflage uniforms purchased by sponsors or out of their own pockets.