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Operational Camouflage Pattern swatch

OCP cloth

US Army Combat Uniform in OCP

A soldier models the Army Combat Uniform in OCP.

Operational Camouflage Pattern, also known by its development codename Scorpion W2, is a seven-color multi-terrain camouflage pattern that has been the standard issue pattern on the United States Army's Army Combat Uniform (ACU) since 2015. It replaced the pervious Universal Camouflage Pattern, which proved to be ineffective. It is closely related to MultiCam, as both were derived from the original Scorpion pattern co-developed by the Army's Natick Labs and MultiCam maker Crye Precision and trialed by the Army in the early 2000s. The United States Air Force also adopted the ACU in OCP beginning in 2018, as did the United States Space Force when it was spun-off from the Air Force in 2019.