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Mimetico Vegetata deserto

mimetico Vegatata deserto

ppearing in 2003, predating even the standard Vegetata pattern, was a desert version of the Vegetata pattern (mimetico Vegetata deserto). A mottled pattern of chocolate brown, ochre & light tan shapes on a sandy-beige base. Color variations of this pattern have been documented, a result of fabric lots being produced by different manufacturers.

The pattern was introduced first to units deployed with the Italian contingent of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, supplementing and later replacing the Mod.92 Policromo Desertico pattern. Use of the pattern faded by the time Italian forces deployed in larger numbers in Afghanistan in 2006; nowadays, it is used mostly for training purposes, or by troops serving as advisors in Syria and Northern Iraq (Operation Prima Parthica in support to Kurdish forces)