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The Italian mimetico Vegetata (vegetated pattern), introduced for general issue in 2004 in Italy, has now became the standard issue pattern among all of its Armed Forces. Army and Air Force use a standard cut, while Naval Infantry uses the old cut of uniforms in the new pattern, and the Carabinieri have their own cut; even with that, the pattern is shared amongst all of the Armed Forces. This is a mottled pattern of chocolate brown, russet & olive green shapes on a khaki base. Color variations of this pattern have been documented, a result of fabric lots being produced by different manufacturers.

After the 2010 Afghanistan deployment, the pattern was revised with the 2015 version. The Russet red is much more predominant and the olive green shapes have reduced in size, leaving more of the kaki base uncovered.


Original Mod. 2004 Vegetata pattern


By comparison, this is a Soldato Futuro cut uniform in the 2015 update of the Vegetato pattern