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The M68 MOL (Maskirno Odelo Letnje) summer camouflage pattern was first issued in 1968. It was used  by Yugoslavian  scout and sniper units.


Yugoslavian M68 Summer Camouflage

The origin of this camouflage is thought to be from the German world war 2 Schutzstaffel camo , the Sumpftarnmuster”. Although alot of people think the Pattern resembles a enlarged ERDL camouflage pattern. The M68 “mol” camouflage was one of the first Yugoslav camo patterns and was a necessary step for improving the Yugoslav army since the standardised uniforms were in “SMB” colour , a grayish green colour. The complete uniform came with the following items

-Blouse , pants , carrying bag, gloves, head cover.

Along with this set there was a mass produced canvas tent wing with the same camo pattern which the soldiers of the Yugoslav army were taught to properly dismantle and make improvised assets for battle. Such as :

-Helmet covers, rifle covers, ammo pouches, battle vests etc…

The uniform itself was meant to be worn with the standard Yugoslav army M77 uniform. In which some cases it can be called an uniform cover.

The M68 camouflage pattern was designed to be a summer camouflage although it works great during autumn, since the brown works great with the tan color to match with the leaves during the seasons of Summer and autumn

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