Camouflage Wiki

Disruptive Pattern Naval Uniform (grey) on the right, worn by VADM Russ Crane.

Released in 2008, an alternative colorway of the standard Disruptive Pattern Camouflage was issued for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Featuring light grey, med grey, dark grey & olive green on a very light grey background, the pattern is issued on the Disruptive Pattern Navy Uniform (DPNU). 


Before the uniform was introduced, there was some confusion as to why a disruptive pattern was used at all, given that the uniform incorporated reflective tape on the upper arms to make the wearer more visible if they should fall overboard, though the reflective tape is placed low enough on the arm to be covered when the sleeves are rolled up. The primary reason for the use of the AUSCAM pattern is not to provide camouflage, but to align with the other services which use the distinctly Australian pattern, making personnel identifiable as Australian, and through the use of the littoral colours as naval personnel. It will replace several sets of other clothing, including the grey fire resistant overalls and the blue Action Working Dress (AWD). RAN personnel previously issued DPCU uniform (such as clearance divers) will continue to be issued DPCU kit in addition to their DPNU uniforms.