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Australian Soldiers wearing AMP


Photo showing distinctive features of AMP

In late 2010 it was announced that Australian personnel deploying to Afghanistan would all receive US-produced Multicam pattern camouflage uniforms, as it was determined this design had a higher performance rating than the DPCU. A variation of the pattern, developed specifically for Australian military personnel by Crye Industries and incorporating many of the "bunny" and "jellybean" features found in the standard DPCU (although reduced in size), will begin replacing commercial Multicam for troops deploying to Afghanistan in late 2012. The pattern also has a miniature Australian Military Forces (AMF) logo embedded into the design. The Australian Army website is referring to this design as Australian Multicam Pattern (AMP).

As of 2014 however, they have introduced a new pattern known as the Australian Multicam Uniforms or AMCU for short, that is being used to phase out the old DPCUs.